Saturday, May 17, 2008

Welcome to the Beachside Brew & BBQ

Well, first off, props to the Rogue, aka “Tei”, who gave me this idea.

Welcome to my pub! It’s a bit of a shack, but it’s right on the beach, and the food’s good. There are a lot of craft beers on tap and we have a decent liquor selection. Anybody who wants to tend bar is more than welcome. I’ll be too busy drinking, cooking, and socializing – but not necessarily in that order.

I don’t have a dart board. I’ll go to Rogue’s pub to play darts, as long as there’s a protective barrier (read rubber room?) to save the other patrons. I do have a couple of pool tables, a ping pong table, and board games painted on the table tops – just try not to lose the pieces, okay.

Why the “Brewbq”? I write blogs for my business (admittedly, I just started). I kept thinking of things I’d like to share or talk about (with anyone who might care), but that I wouldn’t put on my professional blog. :: In rides the Rogue on a handsome black steed, brandishing her custom sword :: “The ‘Rogue Ink Blog’ is my pub,” quoth the Rogue. “Clients are welcome as visitors, not as judges.” Okay, so Rogue didn’t say that exactly, but that’s what I heard – mostly the “pub” part. So I opened my own pub for my amusement, rants, pet peeves, recipes, and anything else that crosses my mind and lingers for a moment. Visitors may also be entertained.

As far as pet peeves go, I tend to spell and use most forms of grammar correctly. If you have issues with parenthesis and dashes, however, you may want to down your brew with your eyes closed. I love ‘em! I use them indiscriminately, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Of course, I edit judiciously in professional righting (just kidding). Don’t expect the same behavior in my pub.

My son says I’m part of the “crusty generation”, but I still know how to have fun. BTW, the name’s “April” (care to guess my birth month?). I’m the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer here at the Brewbq. I’m taking off now, but I’m leaving the pub open. Feel free to stick around and get yourself a brew.

Pub crawl, anyone?

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